Pecha Kucha Pow Wow

Visited Tokyo in March 2015 to take part in the Pecha Kucha Pow Wow for city organisers. It was a great opportunity to meet people from all over the world over a few days which were focused on developing the global format, through sharing experiences, insights and top tips. 

It was a really valuable experience, also with the chance to give a PKN on Dundee to a few hundred people in the Tokyo venue, Super Deluxe. Ideas were picked up and taken home…

With a bit of organising before the trip, we were able to visit Kengo Kuma’s studio, it was great to see behind the scenes and meet people who had visited our home city as part of the major development of the V&A Dundee. We also visited a few of his buildings and definitely got the feel for the use of materials, textures and light which we hope are also key in Dundee.

Also visiting creative hub KITO in Kobe; driving around the rural Noto peninsula, popping into Tokyo Hack Day, taking in sakura viewings and seeing the always impressive teamLab’s show which included a floating flower garden, it was massively inspiring third trip to Japan.