Creative and Social Enterprise

Creating and running a range of enterprise initiatives supporting hundreds of innovative start-ups, Higher Education professionals and people in later life. 

These initiatives focus on developing both the individual and their idea and involve a mix of training, coaching, mentoring and seed-fund investment. Supporting people to reach their professional aspirations, develop confidence and their long-term business potential. They include:

A three year pilot of Starter for 6, training, mentoring and investment aimed at early-stage innovative businesses across Scotland. Following a successful pilot phase (2007-09) and evaluation, this initiative was mainstreamed and scaled up by Scottish Government via Creative Scotland and continues to run today.

A commercial Creative Enterprise Programme in the UK and internationally. Worked in strategic partnership with British Council to run this train-the-trainer project in emerging creative economies such as Russia, Brazil, South America, and also rolled out in the UK – over 300 people worldwide have been through this programme.

An enterprise programme for graduates in Northern Ireland and England, called Insight Out.

A social enterprise initiative aimed at people retiring from the workforce – Age Unlimited Scotland and wrote this piece for The Guardian: Age is no limitation to social entrepreneurship; invited speaker to Stockholm on the subject of social innovation in the ageing population.