Creative Dundee

Co-founding Director of Creative Dundee which connects and amplifies the city’s creativity, enabling creative talent to base, grow and sustain their practice in and around the city. 

In addition to supporting those within the creative and cultural industries, Creative Dundee reinvests its profits into the local creative sector.

Dundee’s scale, continued reinvention and determination makes it an exciting place to be based, however although Dundee’s creative scene has always been vibrant, its visibility has not always been as evident.

Custom designed and built, Creative Dundee has grown as a result of, and in response to, the opportunities and challenges of Dundee. Through events, online activity and advocacy, it presents Dundee to the world and offers local creatives greater exposure. It is driven by a knowledge of the sector and a desire to encourage collective growth, expertise and innovation.

Creative Dundee started life as a blog in 2008, with the aim of covering innovative people and projects that were not being promoted – and to be a focal point for creativity in the city. It became an organisation in 2013 and is now a city-wide platform, working collaboratively with others and existing to work across the rich but often siloed creative disciplines.

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